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Default World Cruise Samplers from Azamara Club Cruises

Hello Paul Motter and Cruisemates,

When I read your comprehensive article, “World Cruises Part II - The Luxury Lines,” July 6, 2011, you expressed your surprise that Azamara Club Cruises did not offer a world cruise, since we position ourselves “as a step above the premium lines Princess and Holland America” and that since both were doing so in 2012, why weren’t we.

As you alluded, we have categorized our position as “Up-market” because based on the past cruise histories of our guests, we believe that we bridge the gap with our more inclusive fares and exceptional guest experience between the onboard experiences delivered by the “ultra luxury” cruise lines such as Seabourn and Silversea and by the “premium/deluxe” category such as Princess, Crystal, Oceania or Holland America.

With that in mind, if you were to ask for my opinion about whether Azamara should offer a world cruise, I would reply that it’s too soon to consider taking the leap since we are still in our product introductory phase. Actually, it’s been only 15 months; this past April we celebrated the first anniversary of the relaunch of Azamara Cruises to Azamara Club Cruises!

Although the accelerating awareness about our product distinction of “destination-immersion” (more time in port for culturally enriching experiences) has generated demand from new customers and repeat business from past guests, I would recommend to Larry Pimentel that we continue on our present course before taking that big step, especially as a two-ship operation. In time, we’ll have developed a critical mass of guests to determine whether they might have the interest, desire and discretionary time to support adding a “world cruise” into our itinerary mix.*

Typically, most World Cruises operate in the first quarter of the New Year as an alternative to the normal itinerary patterns operating in the Caribbean, South America and South East Asia. But where is “it written” that to be an authentic “World Cruise” that is must be relegated to the beginning of the year and/or that it must circumnavigate the globe and begin and end in the same port?

Currently, we offer to travelers who do have more discretionary time our Azamara Club Cruises’ Extended Voyages program, which offers the opportunity to seamlessly join two, three, four or more consecutive voyages into one incredible regionally immersive experience. Now guests have an opportunity to enjoy a collection of what I would call - “World Cruise Samplers” which offer them the flexibility to enjoy an unstructured world cruise experience “as they like it” with respect to “when” and “where.”

With the Azamara Quest or Azamara Journey sailing in the Far East, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, or South America, travelers can break out of the mold by simply selecting a season before embarking on a voyage of a lifetime, ranging from 11 - to 78-nights without repeated ports of call. In addition, guests booking consecutive voyages will receive $300 per voyage, per stateroom for voyages of eight days or less and $400 savings per voyage, per stateroom for voyages of nine days or more for even greater value on an immersive adventure.

Recently we published “Extended Voyages,” a new 48-page brochure which features a collection of longer voyages called “Grand Adventures from Two Weeks to Nearly Three Months.” They can be ordered online Azamara Cruises | Azamara Club Cruises/ through a link on our website or view it by clicking on the link to 2011-2012 Extended Voyages eBook!

Paul, I appreciate your bringing up the subject of “when” and “if” we’ll introduce World Cruises. Should we decide, sometime in the future, to offer a world cruise, you’ll be one of the first to know!


Bill Leiber
Chief Blogging Officer*
Azamara Club Cruises
(*CBO is an authorized and compensated representative of ACC)

(* Note - my “World Cruise” reference does not imply that ACC intends to offer such product and was stated as a “hypothetical.”)
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