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Good morning Donna, Trip, Manuel, B/W and all who follow.

It's going to be around 90 F here in upper East Tennessee today and is forecast to be going up through mid week. But as Manuel pointed out, it is summer and also true is that it wasn't that long ago that we were begging for summer weather. Matter of fact, Rollerdonna still is. Speaking of R/D, where is she?

Anyway, several appointments on the agenda today. One is with an Optometrist. No longer are retailers allowed to read prescriptions off existing lenses here in Tennessee if the script is over one year old. You now have to get a new prescription. My opthamologist's office said mine was expired last November and I need to schedule an appointment. I'm not waiting two months for a simple lens prescription and between co-pays and deductibles, it would cost me not a whole lot less than the Optometrist at Wal-Mart so I'll be there at 11 this morning for a check. I need those sunglasses since I ran over mine with my lawn tractor last week. They look kind of wierd all twisted up with only one partial lens left in the frame.

Then it's to lunch with a friend.

Hope everyone has a great week and of course Prayers for all of you'uns (especially Helen) who are ailing as well as a request for Blessings upon all of of you continue.

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