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Originally Posted by Queen of Diamonds View Post
Last time I cruised there was a $5 cover charge for Johnny Rockets - did they discontinue that?
Not as of 3 weeks ago. We paid $4.95 per person to eat lunch at Rockets.

As for Rita's...the previous cover charge included 3 courses from the menu, but the menu has 4 courses. I guess they can argue the new plan makes it simpler since you pay for each course, but then that adds up to more money doesn't it? Frankly I was not impressed with the food at Rita's. Despite our waitress proclaiming it 'true Mexican style' it was really Tex-Mex for the most part. We were mostly annoyed that there were few choices for those who don't like a lot of bell pepper and onions mixed in with their food. Even the fajitas were so mixed up that you couldn't pick what you wanted on your tortillas.
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