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Unhappy Passenger Service Act

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

There are also restrictions on trying to join a ship in a different U.S. than the one from which it originally sailed. Something about the Jones Act (although the logic of that escapes me right now).
Paul, Paul, for you of all people to confuse the Jones Act and the Passenger Service Act?

Indeed, especially on trips to Alaska, the Passenger Service Act may apply. It prohibits any non-American flag ship from carrying passengers from one American port to another without a foreign port in between.

This is why many Alaska cruises sail from Vancouver, and those that sail from Seattle usually call at Victoria. But if you miss the ship in Vancouver, you could not join it at the next Alaskan port as that would be an American port.

This very old act was designed to protect American shipping in the days of Matson and other great American flag cruise lines. It seems to serve no useful purpose today.

BUT -- it is said the cruise lines are not willing to push for change, as they are afraid they would then become subject to the ADA, OSHA, American minimum wages and a whole lot of other regulations they do NOT want to comply with.

'Tiz a puzzlement ...

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