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Default Guilty as charged?

Here is a link to an interesting article about what we all do to drive each other crazy in the skies. Here is one part about what bugs the flight attendants..How many are you guilty of?

Flight attendants’ Top 10 pet peeves
Travelers can irk flight crews, too. Here — from members of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants union, which represents nearly 18,000 American Airlines flight attendants — are 10 ways:
•Walking around the aircraft without shoes, especially in the lavatory.

•Changing a diaper in the seat or on the tray table. Give me the vomit bag please.

•Clipping fingernails and toenails on the aircraft.The man next to me once, didn't clip, but cleaned I should have yelled in his ear.

•Keeping headphones on when you start talking to attendants. Nope, not moi!

•Speaking in a condescending and angry tone when it's not appropriate.Maybe a tad when hot tea was spilled on me, in the worst spot possibleI will say slightly upset

•Hanging arms or legs out in the aisle when the food and beverage cart is coming. Since I need an aisle seat, I pay particular attention to the carts.
•Standing in the galley and restroom areas to stretch and do exercises. I do need to walk, when the aisles are clear.

•Keeping electronic devices on after the announcement has been made to turn them off. One on my flight from Europe..was reading my Kindle and thought it was a regular book

•Bringing stinky food on the plane.Alrighty more stuffed cabbage or chopped liver

•Carrying on a bag you can't lift into the overhead bin.
This I will admit bad!

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