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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
It has happened to us twice in 44 cruises, plus one close call ... not too bad, I guess. Both times were at embarkation.

Since I like to chat, settle back for all the details ...


Our travel insurance paid for the extra clothes we had to buy.

So -- moral of the story -- when you travel, stuff happens. Try to plan ahead, but if it all falls apart then just go with the flow.

Now, I have to day that I do NOT recommend staggering out of Senor Frog's just as you see your ship start to move!! That may be a different story
I see as one of the big morals of this long but entertaining story ... INSURANCE. Now I am lucky in that I get to drive to my ports here in FL, and AAA Premier will handle me if something happens on the way. Granted, I do leave the house the day of sailing ... but early early early enough that if something happened along the way, there is plenty of time to get things sorted. But yeah, a nice combination of AAA and travel insurance goes a long way.

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