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Originally Posted by Your Link View Post
•Changing a diaper in the seat or on the tray table.
Unfortunately, I have witnessed this. If you must change your child's diaper, please go to the lavatory to do so! I really don't want to watch.

Originally Posted by Your Link
•Keeping headphones on when you start talking to attendants.
That's the same rudeness as yapping on the cell phone in the checkout lane while the cashier is ringing up one's purchase. When I see it, I want to rip the cell phone out of the other customer's hand and hurl it across the store, hoping that it will land an open container of something very gooey -- especially when I'm stuck behind the person and the cashier is waiting for him or her to answer a question.

Originally Posted by Your Link
•Hanging arms or legs out in the aisle when the food and beverage cart is coming.
This happens because the airlines install seats that are far too narrow. If the seats were of adequate width, the overwhelming majority passengers would not hang over. (Of course, the planes also would have a lot fewer seats.)

Originally Posted by Your Link
•Standing in the galley and restroom areas to stretch and do exercises.
Unfortunately, there is nowhere else to stand when one needs to stretch on most commercial aircraft.

Originally Posted by Your Link
•Carrying on a bag you can't lift into the overhead bin.
Flight attendants should expect that passengers who are not tall enough to reach the overhead bins will need assistance stowing and retrieving their carry-on items, and should be prepared to provide it. Thus, I have very little sympathy for this one. It comes from flight attendants who don't want to do their jobs.

(And no, Linda, the problem is NOT that you are too short. In fact, you are exactly the perfect height. If you were any shorter, you would be walking around with your knees bent -- which would be most uncomfortable, especially if you wer to do so for more than a few minutes. And if you were any higher, your legs would not reach the floor so you would have difficulty gaining traction in order to walk.)

The flight attendants also should ensure that passengers who board first stow their carry-on items in the bins near their own seats so that passengers seated in front of them don't have to store carry-on items at the back of the plane, and thus don't have to go against traffic to recover carry-on items before deplaning. But that's a passenger peeve rather than a flight attendant peeve.

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