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Originally Posted by HawkeyeFLA View Post
I see as one of the big morals of this long but entertaining story ... INSURANCE. Now I am lucky in that I get to drive to my ports here in FL, and AAA Premier will handle me if something happens on the way. Granted, I do leave the house the day of sailing ... but early early early enough that if something happened along the way, there is plenty of time to get things sorted. But yeah, a nice combination of AAA and travel insurance goes a long way.
Hawkeye is right about insurance. However, in the particular instances I wrote about above, the fact is that the amount of money we received from our insurance was actually minimal. Trip interruption, or even trip cancellation, can cost a bit but it is not really the major reason we take trip insurance.

Recently, in Cambodia, I was rushed to the emergency room with congestive heart failure! I spent two days in ICU and another in a private room. Then we had to extend our hotel stay for an extra three days until the doctor cleared me to fly. There was a more substantial expense, that could have been financially more difficult. Fortunately we had good insurance and the hospital and extra hotel stay were fully covered, as well as the nonrefundable part of the tour we missed in Bangkok.

Can you guess what my hospital bill at the wonderful Royal International Hospital in Siem Reap was? I had Emergency Room with ambulance transport, multiple tests, doctor's fee, and three nights in the hospital. What do you think it cost?

Scroll down ...


Total hospital bill, just under $6000!!

Still it was nice to have the insurance. It could have been much more.

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