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Default Travel Insurance

The first thing to remember, if you have a health insurance plan here in the US or the UK.
You must contact your insurer and obtain a travel package.
All insurance companies require pre approval before any cost are paid!
This requires a call to your insurer, unless it is an EMERGENCY.
YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE ALL MEDICAL PROVIDERS COMPLETE FORMS from your insurer for reimbursement and or authorization for payment.
In some cases, your medical insurer can provide payment via credit card from your own Country.
This is why you obtain the forms advance of travel from your health plan provider and the requirements for pre-approval for treatment and payment.
Trip Evacuation is required for treatment for many life threatening accidents and or transport to a hospital. Meaning, you take an ambluance to hospital or fly to your home for treatment through your health plan or approved provider.

Remember, read the fine print. Many policies are secondary coverage.
Example: Baggage Loss, Your home owners policy and the airlines already covers for most of the damage/loss, if at all covered.
You can add a rider to most home owners policies to cover electronics or medical devices, which is not covered by airlines or most of the travel insurance policies.

Travel Insurance: Unless your being taken to a hospital for an Emergency, many minor accidents are treated via ship doctor in which case you will be covered under the limits of cruise line policy.
If you are transported to a local hospital, you may be required to pay through a credit card, then you obtain reimbursement through your insurer.
This is the second reason to have your health forms from your health plan with you or onboard the ship.

If you have any condition that is pre existing, you must understand, that you may not be covered by a travel policy.
You must know the extent of coverage and confirm the limits before purchasing the vacation, you have a limited window for purchase after paying for you cruise.

A word of advise, Always have the PORT AGENT number with you at each port of call, this will allow you to contact the ship and local authorities with one call.
A port Agent works directly for the cruise line and will speak English and the native language, they will have a local number and most locals will have a mobil phone.

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