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Angry Flight attendant gripes.

Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Here is a link to an interesting article about what we all do to drive each other crazy in the skies. Here is one part about what bugs the flight attendants..How many are you guilty of?

Flight attendants’ Top 10 pet peeves
Travelers can irk flight crews, too. Here — from members of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants union, which represents nearly 18,000 American Airlines[/URL] flight attendants — are 10 ways:
Well, first of all, the flight attendant is PAID to take care of me and the other passengers. Many of these are things that are practically necessary in today's airplanes with minimal comforts. The flight attendant is supposed to make me MORE comfortable, not expect me to cater to her.

•Walking around the aircraft without shoes, especially in the lavatory.
Especially on long flights, many passengers take their shoes off for comfort. What are we supposed to do, contort ourselves in our seat to put them on, go to the lavatory, and then contort again to take them off? Hopefully those of us who do this have special socks suitable for walking in. Some airlines like QANTAS furnish them.

•Changing a diaper in the seat or on the tray table.
Well, as a passenger I probably wouldn't like that. If a flight attendant sees it, how about offering to assist?[/quote]

•Keeping headphones on when you start talking to attendants.
What? What is the problem here? Take headphones off, get the cord wrapped around, drop them on the floor, have to pull the cord to get them back on ... just slip it off one ear.

•Speaking in a condescending and angry tone when it's not appropriate.
Well probably the attendant doesn't think it is appropriate to get upset at being ignored. I do.

•Hanging arms or legs out in the aisle when the food and beverage cart is coming.
Well, one of my pet peeves is attendants who push the cart down the aisle without looking out for arms or legs that might be in the aisle, especially sleeping passengers.

•Standing in the galley and restroom areas to stretch and do exercises.
This one really upsets me. I am required by my doctor to do leg exercises for my artificial knees, to prevent blood clots. Where are I supposed to do them? Aisles are shared space, as far as I am concerned and I am entitled to my share.

•Bringing stinky food on the plane.
Well one persons delectable is another person's stinky. My DW is Italian and likes her garlic. Again, a seatmate might object, but why is a flight attendant entitled to complain?

•Carrying on a bag you can't lift into the overhead bin.
Now this one really upsets me. They are there to ASSIST me! Medical requirements mean I have a fairly heavy bag, and tendonitis in the shoulder means I can't lift it. Most often another passenger is helpful instead of the unhelpful attendant. Also the airline's baggage policies actually encourage, practically force, large carry ons so it is their own problem.

As you can see I don't think very much of flight attendants crying about the requirements of their job. If they think the passengers are just a nuisance and helping them is a pet peeve, they are in the wrong line of work. Too bad they don't work for tips like waitresses do. Maybe they would get a message about miserable service.

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