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Lightbulb Insurance info

Originally Posted by Donna View Post
All good points Danny.. The main reason I don't cruise without any travel insurance, is my regular insurance will NOT pay for transport from the ship to a local hospital, which can amout to thousands of dollars, that is where the extra, paid for trip insurance comes in. I know it is a rare case where this could happen, but we read about it all the time on these message boards, along with missing luggage, missed ships, etc....IMHO, its a small price to pay in case this kind of emergency happens to you.
There are travel insures that sell trip evacuation only on a yearly policy.
A good value for people, whom travel out of the Country more then three or four times a year.
Including Bahamas, Mexico & Canada for travelers whom live close to International Boarders.
A second issue, Most credit cards have secondary coverage for auto accidents in rentals,excludes trucks, some luxery cars and vans.
You must decline the excess coverage first.
Basically your deductable is covered by your credit card and your regular Auto insurer pays the claim.
Remember some Countries such as Irland and Jamacia do not qualify for coverage with most credit card companies.
Always read the fine print.
I do not know all the facts or disclaimers with many companies.
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