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Default Aboard Celebrity Silhouette Inaugural

Hi Friends...

I was the first passebger to board the Celebrity Silhouette today in Hamburg. The media all arived last night and they put us up in a lovely hotel called "east". It was ultra-modern, to the point of having bathrooms like Norwegian Epic

This morning we got to board the ship as early as 11:00, so I already have pictures for you of all the new features such as the Alcoves, The Lawn Club, the Hideaway, etc.

Here are some pictures ...

The Alcoves:

Here are sime pictures from the Hideaway....

Hwere is a silly picture of me they took as I sat in a deck chair on trhew lawn - it's so nice up there, I feel like a kid again...

(actully, they hace those oversized chaits up there, but I do not know why).

Here is a pic of the Lawn Club - which used to be the Corning Museum of Glass glass blowing demonstration area. Now its a restaurant...

This does make sense - how many glass blowing demonstrations can you have in a cruise line?

Another restaurant on the lawn, but around the corner, is called the The Porch. It has tasty sandwichs, salads and treates ready-made...(or made on the spot)....

Surrounding the lawn are 8 "Alcoves" - these semi-private spots rent for $99 (port) to $149 day (sea days). They come with an iPad to watch movies or listen to music. Or you can get picnic baskets and drinks sent up to you for an extra cxharge. The baskets from the specialty restaurants. A nice way to spend the days (and some money)....

There are 8 of these - if you want wi-fi access in there that costs extra.

Still, this is a beautiful ship, and I get to try Qsine tonight! I have been looking forward to this. I have not been on this class of ship since Solstice and they did not have Qsine, the Nook, Alcoves or the iLounge.

Other nice aspects of this ship are the Cafe Bacio and the gelato on deck 5. They have these on all Solstice ships:

See the gallery of all of mhy current pictures here: Cruise Ship Pictures - CruiseMates Cruise Photos Gallery

I will be updating this live blog as we roll along the next two days.
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