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You will look fabulous in what ever you wear...if you are happy and comfortable, then who cares? A two dollar t shirt and a nice pair of jeans can look just as fabulous...especially after loosing 30 pounds! Have fun...and ignore rude obnoxious people that don't have manners and shouldn't be allowed out in public...

Originally Posted by MarkNYC View Post
One of my favorite things about cruising is to watch the hillbillies parade around in their ill-fitting, cheap clothes.
Being a 'hillbilly' I take offense to that! My clothes fit fine, they may not be from designer stores but I can still feed my family after shopping for them, and I can then afford to go on fabulous I am proud to be a 'hillbilly' as well as a coal miners granddaughter! and for your information we DO wear SHOES...most the time. I prefer flip flops. Some people are just plain ignorant and rude!:evil: ...and I like to watch and laugh at 'uppity rich city people' who think they are 'all that' and think they are so much better than others strut around like proud peacocks.
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