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By the way – it is now 11:00 – in two hours we have an interview with company management. If you have any questions for me please let me know now. After that the cabins are open for viewing.

We just got a demonstration of the Lawn Club Grill which replaces the spot that had the Corning Glass Blowing demos. The idea of the grill is a place where guests can actually barbecue their meat. This is not a joke – they have a very elaborate and expensive grill made for grilling streaks, lambchops, bratwurst, etc. It is run at 565-degrees farenheit – very hot. But it is electric as open flames are not allowed on cruise ships.

The Grill can hold 48 people – all ages allowed. The cost is $30 per person, but each group gets to grill as much of their own food as they can eat. In addition to meat, there is pizza making, flatbreads and a large salad bar.

There are five professional chefs on duty to assist the diners there to grill their own food. Essentially each party can use the grills one or two at a time (it has still never actually been done with real guests, tonight we media may be the guinea pigs). They wash their hands (required) and then select the raw meat from a large cooler. The beef is from the U.S, Midwest while the lamb comes from Colorado.

Then the grilling begins – or the pizza making or whatever you want to do. The food is then served at the table on a large platter and clasping meat claws are provided for people to serve themselves.
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