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We've actually got 3 vehicles. I drive my little 2002 Honda Accord VP, which has no power windows, door locks, or cruise control, but like the country song says, "ain't nothing wrong with the radio". That car has 165,000 miles, and is absolutely reliable. I have a 2002 Toyota Tundra pick-up that has 130,000 miles, and it too is ultra reliable. I used to drive it to work every day, but since I'm retired, it gets only 750 miles A YEAR now. The lovely Mrs. Jones (Vita) drives her 2008 Honda Accord EXL/N V6, which only has 19,000 miles. That's our "drive to the port" vehicle, and her day to day vehicle. As you can see, it gets very few miles, and should last us at least another 30 years. Depending on my "employment situation" I'll probably sell the '02 Honda, and just drive the truck around here. Needless to say, however, the '02 Honda does get far better fuel economy than the Toyota truck.

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