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Originally Posted by You View Post
You will look fabulous in what ever you wear...if you are happy and comfortable, then who cares? A two dollar t shirt and a nice pair of jeans can look just as fabulous...especially after loosing 30 pounds! Have fun...and ignore rude obnoxious people that don't have manners and shouldn't be allowed out in public...
I can't recommend wearing anything that is not within the cruise lines' dress guidelines aboard ship (except, of course, on an occasion such as Halloween when costumes are in order). I have seen staff turn passengers away from dining rooms, show rooms, and other events because they were not wearing the proper attire.

Obviously, the key is to choose a cruise line that matches your personal style and taste. If you want to wear jeans and "T" shirts to dinner, book your cruise on a line on which jeans and "T" shirts are acceptable evening attire rather than on a line which explicitly states that prescribes a "smart casual" or "country club casual" standard of evening dress.

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