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Another subject to mention is when we cruise in Late November it's cold at home but much warmer at our port. I like to find something that is layered so I don't have to carry a coat, but warm for when we leave or return home, but can adapt to the warmer temps down south at the cruise terminal. I want to be comfortable but 'jogging' suits aren't always flattering for me [plus size, curvy]. I dont' want to look frumpy. Any suggestions?
In cool or inclement weather, I wear a jacket suited to the conditions local conditions to the departure airport (unless the destination will require something heavier). When I get to the airline's check-in counter, I remove the jacket, fold it, and slip it into a slot in my computer bag or my carry-on backpack, depending upon which I happen to bring on the trip. When I need the jacket again, either at the destination or upon returning home, it's very easy to slip it out of the carry-on and don it after reclaiming my checked luggage.

And yes, this sometimes means packing a lighter jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt to use at the destination, too.

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