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Exclamation Drinks

Carnaval is called the FUN SHIP for a reason, People PARTY!
Carnaval x-rays all baggage, irons, booze and any candles will cause your bag to be held in security, until you are present for the search, which will be performed in your presents.
Carnaval has a zero tolerance policy in regard to drinking and behavior.
Example: Carnaval will stop the music in the Disco, if you walk on the dance floor with a glass.
If you get involve in any dispute with anybody and touch a passenger or employee, while intoxicated or not, there is a good chance, you will be escorted off the ship at the next port of call.
Any rude or disruptive behavior will also warrent a visit from the chief security officer.
Read the cruise line policy, this will give you the heads up.
About the age requirements for boarding, you may want to varify directly with Carnaval before the final deposite is due.
I know anybody under 21 has STRICT requirementS, SENCE YOU WILL BE 21, YOU MAY BE OK, BUT CHECK THE POLICY ONLINE.
Passengers over 21 were allowed to bring onboard 1-bottle of wine per person upon disembarkation from home port only.
No charge, if poured in your room.
There is a corkage charge, if poured in dining room.
Security will check your mouth wash bottles and any other containers you bring onboard.
You wil not have this option during the cruise, any booze purchased will be collected at the gang way and returned on the last evening.
All items purchased at each and every port of call will be x-rayed upon boarding.
They also check for any controlled substance-ZERO TOLERANCE!
Very BAD idea to purchase any pills/bud from a port without a doctors prescrittion containing your full name on the container, including medical buds. The security at ports in LA are cracking down on passengers bringing enough bud for ten people onboard the ship for a seven day cruise.

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