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Yes, we did the "grill your food" at the lawn grill last night. NOw, I really like grilled food, so the concept does appeal to me. Furthermore, the cuts of meat and the side dishes they offer are exceptionally nice. Overall, the experience seems to be a good one.

The do need to put up more glass to make sure they can maintain the temperature in theor, as in The Samba Grill on Allure of the Seas (Solarium).

When we dined in there last night they had originally decided to cancel the dinner because we were in the North Sea and it was cold, however conditions cleared up and our dinner was rescheduled.

We assembled out there and we selected two people from our group to be (1) Grill Master and (2) Flat Bread Maker. Number 2 went first and came back with a delicious vegetarian and a barbecue chicken pizza. Those were cooked pretty much to perfection.

The idea, of course, is that even though you are cooking your own food you have the guidance of a professional cook who will make sure your meat comes out as ordered. On the menu is filet mignon.

Unfortunately - all the steaks came back bloody red, rare (not even medium rare). They have the facilities to cook excellent medium meat with the perfect pinkness. Their grill reaches over 500-degrees (it is electric, of course since open flames are not allowed on ships). Obviously, our guide had not given our grill master sufficient guidance. My steak was ordered as medium (not red, but pink inside) - but it came back barely grilled onthe outside and blood red in the middle. All the steaks were that way att our table anyway.

Even when I asked him to regrill it he was gone for five minutes and he brought back to me in the same condition. I had one of the best steaks I have ever had on Azamara (sister line to Celebrity), and at $30 per person I expect more from a restuarant.

But this was their first night ever of using it in real people - so I should not judge too soon. Still, let;s be honest, the "cooking it yourself" part of the experience is meant to be a fun gimmick for lack of a better word, not the real deal, In the end the food is supposed to be cooked correctly. Mine wasn;t, even after I sentr it backm and that shows up a weakness in the execution of the concept.

To summarize, I found the grill masters to be a little bit too "Carnival." They were very funny, joking around, making it all fun. But Celebrity also needs them to be serious cooks firstand foremost. Not everyone in the America can grill a perfect steak despite our reputation for barbecuing.
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