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Originally Posted by john_galt View Post
My travel agent automatically rebooks me at a lower rate if the price drops. I book a year in advance on Princess to get a particular room. I've seen some dramatic price drops and have come to expect them. If you don't have a good TA, I suggest finding one!
While a GOOD TA is an asset, let's get real here. Do you honestly think that any GOOD TA (which would more than likely mean with MANY CLIENTS) has the time to check out every clients booking on a daily basis for fare reductions ? You have a TA that got lucky, when finding time inbetween his many clients calls, emails or new referrals they are hopefully sending to him/her, to check fares for you and snagged a lower fare ! Cruise fares can flucuate hourly and at no certain time. While you may have seen some "dramatic price drops", that is in the eye of the beholder. If I saw what in my eyes was a dramatic price drop, it would mean I paid too much to start with !

If a guest elects to book their own cruise, they too can check rates vigilantly and find those same lower fares and probably more efficiently than a TA can becuase they only have to worry about 1 reservation on 1 ship and not a multitude of reservations on several different ships, cruiselines and sail dates.

To the OP..... there is no concrete timeframe if and when cruise fares will be adjusted up or down, or when exactly it will happen. It's all about supply and demand and the price adjustment mathmatics are held closely by the "bean counters" at each cruiseline. Just keep a close watch and maybe you too will capture a new lower fare you are eligible for ! Good Luck
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