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Well, it all looks and sounds wonderful and I'm so looking forward to our cruise in Jan. That said, I think "X" has made a couple of marketing faux pas. First off,in the following link, it clearly says that food in the Porch is complimentary..
2011 Cruise Ship Celebrity Silhouette by Celebrity Cruises — Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News

I realize $5 p.p. is a mere pittance but why change the rules after the ship is launched and mostly booked? This is classic nickle and diming IMHO. But it certainly won't stop us from eating there.

Secondly, the Alcove pricing is ridiculous! I thought it was $149 for a sea day PER CABIN. On further investigation I find that is PER PERSON. This is way beyond nickle and diming-it's out and out gouging. And for what? A few comfortable chairs, some shade and wireless. And as Paul pointed out, no water to cool off in. If I want privacy, I've got my balcony. This is going to cause "X" some problems-I can see 2 (or more) couples traveling together, but in separate cabins, pooling their money and getting an Alcove for the day. If I rent one, who's to say I can't invite my friends to join me? DH thinks that they will remain mostly empty but I doubt it. It will be interesting to read the cruise reviews when they start coming in.
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