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For us, SUV's have become the norm for the past 8 or 9 years and we currently have a 2010 GMC Acadia that we love ! Probably the most comfortable and good driving SUV we have owned without being that large to manuver around in traffic, but sure makes you feel safe when seeing sall of these other small vehicles on the road !

For the "Pony" Lovers..... I also own 3 Mustangs... a 2003 Mach1 (very fast), 1973 Convertible (was the car my bride of 25 years and I had our first date in, so I don't see it being sold anytime soon !) and a 1968 hard vinyl roof top (same as the car my mother had when I was young and was purchased in her memory), all of which come out of their corral every once in a while for a short road trip to put some time on the engines and tires and an occasional fill up ! They mainly come out and drive in parades when requested, and attend car shows and come home with some nice trophies many times.
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