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If you are booking a suite you wil be fine,plus the Star has had several refurbasions. 11 years old, isn't all that old for a ship, but what you will not get is all the bells and whistles of a newer ship. I think you will love the experience; there is nothing like a first anything, including cruise. Of course the poster before me was referring to a ship with the same name that was leased by NCL for about a year. It has nothing to do with the Star.

I do wish when someone states they were disappointed in a particular ship they would give the reasons. This type of comment is unfair to everyone. As for the Spirit, we have cruised her twice and I have no problems with the ship. After 27 cruises I think i can pretty well judge good versus not good, but cruising is subjective. What one finds not acceptable, someone else loves. The Spirit, like the Star is a very popular ship, even though they are both a little smaller than some ships.
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