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Originally Posted by gkbii View Post

I just finishes reading this book this week and had a few questions. This impressive man, is the only American (in over 35+ years) to ever finish a full 8 month Dinning Room Carnival Contract. The author was promised to be made an Assistant Maître d’ after finishing his departmental training. He got good reviews from his departmental superiors; however due to bigoted actions by one individual he was denied his promotion. being that Carnival is based here in Florida and mainly services the American market, I thought this full episode was outrageous.

This man, with 10 years plus experience was discriminated against due to his national origin: i.e. being an American. I really feel the author should have (I know would have) brought this the attention of media outlets, such as 60 Minutes and Fox News. In addition, I would have had a meeting with my congressman and local State Senator on this matter. The author was much nicer than I would have been! To say I was truly discussed by this level of outright discrimination, is an understatement!!
The most amazing thing about this story is that this American was hired at all.
I should know. I am an American Citizen who has worked on cruise ships all my life. My fellow countrymen have been quite a bit less than impressive whenever my employers have decided to take one more chance after being burned by far too many American cruise line employees in the past.
In his book, this fellow freely admits doing many things that would get me fired on my ship. Why would any good cruise line want him?

Over the past 30 years I often pulled strings, called in favors, and stuck my neck out to get fellow Americans hired on ships.
I was burned by them EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Never again.
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