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This guy was hired in the US (as well as promised this job, based on his experience, while on US soil) and promised the job of Assistant Maître d’ upon completion of the training position. In fact at least one of his meetings was at Carnival headquarters itself. He did this and was announced in front of a group of employees that he was to be promoted and assigned to this position of his next ship. This is what really bothered me, was he did his end of the bargain and was stopped by a superiors personal bigotry for Americans. Had the previous managers been where had transferred to, he would have been promoted as promised.

True, I am taking this guys facts in the book as true. In many ways I am being a Devils Advocate here. I am not saying that he may have given an account that favors himself: however, much of what is described nevertheless, is quite shady!! Also, it seems to me, that 10+ years experience/education in this field; he was well qualified, which one would presume, is why Carnival hired him in the first place. It does say something that the man finished his contract, many Americans would not have. When they would find out, they had been lied to, they would leave. In the end this guy ends up being an auctioneer (I am NOT saying I like the Auction Company, he most likely worked at, or how the Auctioneers do their craft aboard ships) for three years. Thus, he must have had some good qualities to fall back on.

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