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I am a bit biased solely because I have now read three similar books "inside the cruise industry" by three different Americans who worked on cruise ships. Keep in mind I also worked on five different cruise ships.

Any American who would take a job as a waiter on a cruise ship already has onew strike against him in terms of credibility. Americans have access to the best cruise ships jobs - why would he join as a waiter?

Well - he said it was so he could write this sensationalized book.

All three books are the same - they talk about their sexual conquests and try to make the crews and especially bosses appear corrupt and self-serving. If he didn't what would he have to write about?

The other books are similarly titled = "The truth about the cruise industry" etc...

They are all amateurish, quickly written, self-published dribble. Sorry, just no respect from me.
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