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Originally Posted by A&B View Post
Again, I was very clear in my posting to the OP so your comments are redundant.
I'm sure the OP does not need you to explain to her what I made abundantly clear in my post.
I don't see that Nita did anything but agree with you .

We all have a right to our own opinion and I will continue to post my POV on the good, bad and the ugly anytime I see fit including NCL considering the fact, I too, am an experienced cruiser with 27 cruises to date myself.

That's great, but the only "opinion" I see is that your Nanny was ill and you had to take care of her and your baby. I didn't see that you had a problem with NCL or the ship?

Quit playing the NCL police and get over the fact that not everyone is going to like NCL as much as you do. After a long time here, I can tell you that, while Nita loves NCL, she'll also post the "bad stuff".


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