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Originally Posted by Bernie by the sea View Post
Everyone talks about price drops and checking, but how do i check for the drops? do i use the cruise line web sites? a discounter (vacations to go, etc)? travel sites(orbitz, expedia, etc)?

i usually check the crusie line sites, but it's hard to see when the low price is on a different sailing.

what is the best way to check for price drops?
If you've already booked a cruise (as we have) and know what the price was at the time you made your reservation, that is what you'd use as a basis to keep tabs on the price. Then you would know for sure if the price has gone up or down. For example, we used Early Saver (Carnival) and booked a cabin with balcony for $659.00 p.p. Currently the price is $744.00 p.p. That's an INCREASE of $85.00 p.p. Good for us, not so good if someone is just now making a reservation on that same cruise. I can check the price any time by going to Carnival's web site. A good rule of thumb is to book as early as you possibly can, because prices do typically go up. As I already said, I'm happy with the deal we got (because we booked early). But, if the price was to drop below what we've paid, I'd be even happier with a discount or on board credit. I'm a big fan of Carnival's Early Saver and wish other cruise lines had the same option.
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