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Question Only take cash?

Originally Posted by Marc View Post
I agree you don't need to use a debit card for purchases but you need to use as ATM card at ATM machines. Many places still only take cash.
Well, I am trying to think where we have been that they would only take cash.

Street vendors in St. Petersburg
Some stalls at tourist attractions in Egypt.
Certain independent guides who specified it in advance.
The street vendors at flea market in Athens.
The small stalls in Djema el Fna market in Morocco.
Cab drivers.
Some small restaurants in Cambodia.

Basically, only the small vendors selling cheap souvenirs. Otherwise our experience has been that all the major tourist attractions and major sellers near them are very happy to have plastic.

Of course if you are going off on your own outside of the major tourist areas, that can be a different story.

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