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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Our debit cards are instead of cheques/Checks, we are phasing them out here, cheques that is. As far as I know you can use them for as much as your account will stand....but so can anyone, including the cruise line for reserved amounts & it's YOUR money.
Thanks John
Ours in Canada have a daily limit and a weekly limit which is not basd on your account balance so if I want to pay for a cruise I'm unable.
Their has been talk of getting rid of cheques bit not everybody has a debit card nor do we want to give someone access. Cheques are still preferred for payment to a charity, church, local person , small store and whn emy local grocery store access goes down, need a cheque or cash.

In terms of the cruise line , will always use my CC for onboard account payment.
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