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Your points are well taken, on all fronts. I did wonder why he wanted to work at Carnival, in the first place. With his experience, why not Cunard, Chrystal, Seaborn, etc.?? Why he wanted to be a waiter, is a mystery to me as well. I have met people with jobs, like what you had on the five ships. Most people (managers & others) seem to have liked their jobs in entertainment. So I learn from this, that their are departments that are better for Americans than others. From my observations I wouls say that the Casinos, retail stores, auctions, entertainment, cruise director/staff, front desk, the spa, shore excursions, etc.; are best suited for Americans.

Thus the other jobs that are truly demanding, would be quite a challenge! By the way, is it true that the Art Auctioneer has the highest paid job aboard ship?
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