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Originally Posted by venice View Post
Aidan...ignore Glen Beck..since he got fired from his tv show he will say anything to get media attention

ruthlessboss..does your job have a day trade policy ?

Henry..I is just to short to let other people or things upset you..having a heart attack helps me to keep that perspective
They make it hard now to trade. My problem lies in how can I trade when the cruise is in Nov? Also, in order to have someone work for me, it has to be equal status (RN to RN) due to regulations of having at least 1 RN in the building. I booked one then, can't wait till then for an okay. I also quickly booked one in Dec for 7 days (found a roomie). I'm about to talk with changing my full time status for per diem, though it means loss of benefits. I may be forced into retirement because of this cruising thing. I'm getting "up there" and need to do something except work, while I'm in reasonable health.
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