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Originally Posted by You View Post
I'm not so sure it is "Congress" as much as the group of Tea Party congressmen and women who are literally opposing everything.
That's not really a very accurate characterization of the "TEA Party" members of Congress. The members of the "TEA Party" have been very clear for what they stand -- cutting government spending from the current levels, which are historically unprecedented, to balance the federal budget. This is in fact very sound policiy. We simply cannot go on mortgaging the incomes of future generations without disastrous consequences, and raising tax rates above current levels will plunge us itno a much deeper and more protracted recession.

BTW, "TEA" (for "Taxed Enough Already") is correctly all capitals because it is an acronym.

That said, I fully agree that the enforcement arm of the FAA probably is not the best place to make deep cuts.

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