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Default Tropical storm?

Hey all!
Just found this website through Google, and it seems like a really great way to learn all about cruises!

I originally found the website when searching for an article on making a cruise complaint. Here is my story:

Now, I love Carnival. I have been on about 4 or 5 of their cruises, and I've never had a bad time. This past week, however, my family (a lot of them from out of state) flew into Florida so we could all go on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, because I had raved about how much fun I had the last time I went with my friends. We were all excited to go and do our shore excursions and explore Mexico. Then, the night before we get there, our ship captain literally sails us DIRECTLY into a tropical storm. I have never felt a boat rock so violently, and even the crew members I spoke to said that they had never experienced it so badly. We were sailing through 65+ mph winds!! I was so scared that I was seriously considering phoning my daughter back home and saying I love her, just in case! This went on for HOURS, mind you, and in the morning they informed us that we couldn't go into Mexico because of the tropical storm, and that we now had to go to the Bahamas. Of course, we were disappointed, but I understand weather conditions sometimes happen and prevent these things. My whole issue is that I know for a fact these ship captains have radars and check the weather reports. If he saw we were headed right into a tropical storm, couldn't he have turned around right then?! We literally went RIGHT into this storm! Even if he didn't realize it was so bad, we should have started to turn around immediately! It made my whole family sick for the next few days because of motion sickness, and honestly kind of ruined our trip. My issue is that the captain should have been monitoring the weather properly and prevented us from going into the eye of the storm in the first place!!

I am just confused on how to go about emailing/writing Carnival about this. I would like to get some sort of compensation in return, because I would really love to take another cruise and actually have a great time!

Thank you in advance!
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