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Originally Posted by lulu48 View Post
Did you use a TA?
State the facts as you see them & get your TA to send them to Carnival

do not expect anything for compensation
You paid for a cruise & that is what you got
I booked thru a TA the Ike cruise, and had many many complaints how they handled communication or the lack thereof. The letter we got back thru my TA was complete nonsense, didnt address the problems, sentences that didnt even make sense, just rubbish. .. but I think they did offer 10% off a future cruise.

The only thing we were offered during the cruise is a 2 hour wait for a free phone call to try and find a way to get home from New Orleans, a city I had never been to, and I was responsible for two seniors who were not capable of helping and getting them home.

I thought they should have offered more than one free phone call so we did contact Carnival .. its up to the OP, but I agree, not to expect much, since the OP doesnt even know why they were so intent and getting to that port .. might have been a reason he didnt know.

OP I would sit down and think about it and find a way to capulize the problems as simply as possible. Whomever is reading it at Carnival is probably just trying to grasp it in a few seconds and respond. Try and be clear .. sounds like your gripe is you feel the Captain caused pax to be seasick? well keep to that, not all around it. They dont care about your personal story.
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