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There are two sides to every story I would be very interested in hearing the captains side of this story.I really doubt he put the ship and everyone on board plus his carrer in unnecessary danger. Maybe that was the best they could do to avoid the storm.Maybe the storm was not that bad in his mind! You know the old saying one mans snowflake is another mans blizzard.I dont mean no disrespect and you have your opions but I think your being a little picky chalk it up to one of life experences.I feel when you venture out on the Ocean thats a chance you take.Thats another thing does everyone forget that they are heading out to sea on a ship? ships do go up and down. Sometimes you get caught in storms.There are risks taken when you go to sea.And things dont always go 100% the way you think they should all the time. And then the first thing people do is complain and start wanting something for nothing! whats wrong with people let it go what diffrence would a letter saying there sorry make.To me thats the chance you take Heck now you have a story to tell everyone.
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