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Originally Posted by shannyn92 View Post
Thanks for all of your help!

I'd just like to clarify one thing. I don't think the captain saw the storm on the radar and thought it would be "fun" to endanger everyone on the ship. I do not think he would do that on purpose. All I was implying was that maybe he was not paying as close enough attention as to understand how severe of a storm it was, and had he done that, we may have been able to avoid the horrible experience for a little less time or not at all. I was kind of thinking of it as what has happened recently with some pilots not paying attention or falling asleep.
We have no idea what was going on the bridge or what deceions were made or why.Maybe the deceisons he made were the best ones we dont know.I just dont understand what you are looking for a free cruise an apology.Last time we flew we hit some rough weather may be should get a free flight.To me its all part of the game you cant expect to go out on the ocean and have 100% smooth sailing everytime.Just like you cant fly and expect a smooth flight every time. :-)
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