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Originally Posted by lulu48 View Post
I think in your case putting into a different port was unavoidable under the circumstances

Yes cruise lines should help passengers with getting home under those conditions
I know it was unavoidable. What I objected to was when calling the desk, they were just hanging up (true they were busy), but the people I was with were unable to stand in line for hours. I waited the first time and they didnt have any way to get the phone numbers for rental cars .. I missed everything going on the last night standing in line 3 times it took me past midnight with no results, finally got a outside line about 3 am.. no sleep.

My objection was how it was handled, customer service and lack of being prepared .. of course people are going to need the phone numbers for rental cars and airlines .. but they said, oh no employees are allowed to go online .. no we cant discount online service .. no we cant do this or that.

Quite a few things just went wrong .. and that is why I wrote .. not because the weather was bad. I would never write about that.

.. but what to me was terrible customer service, someone else says, they did the best they could .. it was ok to them.

Thats why I said to the OP write .. see what they say.

btw I have only had that one cruise where I thought they totally screwed up as far as we were concerned .. no other major complaints .. none. (before someone labels me as a complainer). Iv been flamed enough for being critical of their darling Carnival. Already heard people's reaction to my complaints on another message board.. I feel Im entitled to my opinion too.
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