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I chatted with BJNeal on the phone last weekend. He wants to go either Oct 8 or Oct 15 for one of the 7 night cruises. I told him I'd prefer going on one of the 5 night cruises earlier, but would probably go with him anyway unless I luck out to find another cabinmate.

I don't think BJ checks the site as much as I do, so thought I'd repost this to get it back to page one for a bit. He sounds like a fun gentleman to go with. I'm probably a bit quieter than he. He has won dance contests, while I just try to dance a little!

So if one of you cruisemate fans is still interested, there are your two choices - or you could book back-to-back and go Oct 3 with me on a 5 nighter, then go around again to different ports with BJ on the next 7 nights. If you are female, we'd be on our best gentlemanly behavior. If you are just another guy, we'd have better luck with double dinner dates than trying to be the Lone Ranger.

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