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Ship Captains do not intentionally endanger their ships or passengers. They ALWAYS choose the safest available route.
Airline pilots do exactly the same thing.
But sometimes they are forced to take you through rough seas or turbulent air because there is no better/easier way to do it.

Question: How many passengers have died on sinking cruise ships in the past 50 years?

Answer: None.
It appears that these cruise ship Captains are either very skilled at protecting our lives - or unbelievably lucky, carrying tens of millions of passengers safely over a half century. The Airlines wish they could have a similar safety record.

65 mph winds are not that unusual. My ship in Alaska hits winds that high nearly every week.
It is not comfortable, but certainly not dangerous - unless you decide to hang over the outside rails.

You can complain to the cruise line about bumpy seas. They will put your complaint into the circular file bin very quickly. Our feeling is that people who cannot handle a bit of rocky seas should be taking their next holiday soemwhere far from the ocean. We will not go out of our way to try to get you to come back.
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