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Default To whom it may concern, I have a


Have you ever written a letter of complaint to a cruise line? What did you complain about, and, do you feel, it was handled correctly, and, what was the outcome?

Many years ago now, I booked a cabin on an RCI ship. Once onboard, the cabin was obstructed. The brochure was not notated as such,and our ta, did not know this distinction either.

I wrote a nice letter about how I enjoyed my cruise but, letting them know,I wouldn't have booked this cabin had I known it was obstructed, and, how come it was not notated in the brochure.

I received a very nice letter back, stating that the current brochure was in the process of being printed, but, in the following brochure, obstucted cabins would now be noted. Included, with the letter was a $300.00 credit, which could be used as part of a deposit if I wished, which was unusual. I was very happy, about the notation, and the gift.

Paul has an article about how to write a letter of complaint, with some good rules to follow, to get the best result.


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