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Summit leaves from the Pan American pier...not really much around except the Sheraton by the Convention Center. That said, if you JUST want to sleep and hang by the pool, that hotel was LOVELY.....i arrived at 0-dark-thirty with no reservation intending to just store my bags for a couple hours (it was like 4 AM) and go to the pier...and play a penny slot machine for however long i could....

The gal at the desk said, that will be $75...I said 'to store bags?" she said, NO, you can have the room until 4 PM....i was amazed that she offered a part day rate for me......(actually i think it was 75 all in....with taxes..) I said sign me up. I napped for a few hours, showered, rearranged my stuff and off i went....

I cabbed to the pier (it LOOKS really close but it's about 2-3 miles once you get going..i think it was 12 bucks...) THe cabbie and i were laughing at the people WALKING rolling all their bags. he said some walk from OSJ!! One woman looked like she wanted to, well, send her husband off to swim with the fish!

ANyway.....if you're OK eating hotel food, the place was lovely, very clean, SUPER nice staff...probably the nicest people i'd run into in SJ....even the breakfast buffet was good, and not horribly expensive (maybe 20 bucks, but hey, it IS a "resort" area.......the ladies in the coffee shop also read my mind when i attempted to order something with caffeine to wake up!!

Keep in mind, there is (at the time there wasn't ) really nothing around..BUT you can generally save a little money, the pool area was very nice (great view of the ships) and it was clean and comfy!!!

here is a link to some photos of the hotel, i have no room photos because, well, i was too tired!
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