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Hi, somoene asked me so I wanted to add I live in TX, but a lot of these cruises leave from Florida. I would consider any cruises. I prefer cruises out of the gulf.

Im not married, single. Any other questions?

The fact that Im booking at about 50% off cruises that others say cannot be discounted is the big draw for me. If I paid approx $600, then half that would be $300. I paid $750 and $600 base inside price for both of my upcoming Oasis cruises. Upgraded on one. So half the $600 would be $300 for Oasis, which is cheaper than it can be booked direct. Many of these are much much less. I only paid $200 total for my two Jewel OTS cruises, so half is $100 for a 4 day.

My two most recent bookings with them were conquest (out of New orleans) Nov 26 and a Sept booking on Magic, both were booked at less than $600 total. Neither can be booked for less than $300 pp direct. The cruises are group dates, though, so the dates are whatever is offered.

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