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What are the extremist on the other side? Does it go both ways? Is it really possible to have unlimited money to spend, and spend, and spend in Washington?

Or is the word extremist just a hurt word? I never minded being called a conservitive. It was an okay word, but now days the word extremist is used, which to me sounds a lot like terrorist.

In a household, those who spend more money knowing the funds are running low is called one name, but in Washington it is called another.

I just don't get it.

Someone please make me understand why wanting the best for this country has a name attached.

I have to go to church now, so I will read what everyone has to say later. How long will it take for a name to be attached to those who believe in God. Oh wait, it already is there.

I am going to pray for those who see the need to shame those who want the best.
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