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Since you are new to cruising and this board, this is what I recommend; others will chime in with their comments. When u book a shore excursion thru Royal Caribbean, u can do it online before you sail, or onboard at the shore excursion desk. some of the popular shore excursions will fill up fast. If u use royal's shore excursion, and something goes wrong, van or bus breaks down, u can't get back to the ship before it is supposed to depart; Royal and the ship will wait for you. If u book or go on shore excursion by your self or another tour operator, and something goes wrong, the ship will not wait for you. There are cheaper ways to book shore excursions, meaning Royal may be a little more money; but since your new to this type of cruising, u will be more at ease by booking directly thru the ships shore excursion desk or online before u depart. The ride from Disney World to the Port will be around 90 minutes. So if you have the limo pick u up around 9:30-10:00, u will arrive at the check in when it opens and get a chance to explore the ship and have lunch prior to the sailing. If u want to wait to explore the ship u can arrive a little later. You will not be able to get into your cabin prior to 1pm.
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