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Morning Mates, Todd, I wish you all the best in your medical quest this week, I'll be thinking of you...
Mike, sorry to hear about your son, I'm sure you and Betty are worried, and hopefully he is now on the mend.
Manuel, glad to hear you've got some nice weather. Despite the cold cloudy start yesterday, we too ended up with a nice day, and it seems it continues through today. High is supposed to be 22C (71F), with lots of sunshine, so quite comfortable.

I can hardly believe it is August already, feels like summer has barely started!
No big plans for today, just resting and reading, hopefully in the sunshine.
Still battling pain from diverticulitis, and am now on a 2nd antibiotic in addition to the 1st, + muscle relaxer + pain killer. It's a wonder I can stay awake!
Have a good one everybody!

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