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Default Checking in - (but not on a ship yet)

Hello Everyone,

I got Paul's email yesterday. I didn't realize my last entry was in June.

Anyway, here is my update. I'm still waiting for the travel package promised after giving up another $75.

Here is what happened since my last post. We received the Registration Validation Form from Fun Time Vacation. They have a PO Box in Boyds MD. We filled out the registration form right away and sent it with the check for $75 on June 12th. We had 30 days to return it with the check. On June 24th, we received a notice along with my original $75 check. The notice said that we wrote the check out to the wrong payee. The instructions did not tell us who to make out the check out to. So we guessed. On June 27, I sent a new check via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. The item was delivered to the address in Tampa FL on June 30 (still within the 30 day deadline).

Our check was cashed on July 15. We were told that we would receive the travel package 15 business days after they received payment. That means I should receive the package on August 5.

So far, we paid:
$ 98.00 on 04/28 to Celebrity Productions - Woodbridge VA
$ 139.00 on 05/26 to Fun Time Vacation via Electronic Fund Transfer
$ 75.00 on 07/15 to Passport to Travel
The total we invested so far is $312 for the FREE Cruise for two.

I read the article about the couple from Cherry Hill NJ being arrested for fraud. I used to live in Cherry Hill the first 14 years of my life (scary). The post card held up by Gary Sharp is the back of the same post card I received. The company names listed in the article do not match any of the companies I've dealt with so far. I called several of the different phone numbers on my paper trail and all of the numbers are still in service and being answered.

Is there still hope for the FREE cruise? I guess it is coming down to the wire. ..or I'll have to wire more money.

I'll check back as soon as I receive something or by August 15.

Thanks Paul for reminding me to post!
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