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Default Wow! I'm actually at the next step and didn't know it.

My wife just sent me an email that she found in her SPAM inbox from the Ultimate Cruise Passport folks. They actually sent it on July 8th which is 8 days after they received our check. The information in the email sent us included an activation number and the address to their web site. I had to log in to their web site with the ID and password they gave me. The site listed a lot of cruises and dates available. It let me select a range of dates that I would be interested in leaving for our cruise. I gave the date range of 1/7/2012 through 4/8/2012. There should be something in that range we would like. I got a confirmation email back.

So it seems Im at the point where I can request a cruise date and wait until I receive my cruise documents. I was told there would be more charges such as port fees, fuel surcharges etc. I expected these. Well let you know what happens as it happens.

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