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Once again, with an outsider's point of view, the one thing I don't think the American people "get", is that in order to enjoy the high standard of living you want, and to have the services you want to go along with that standard of living, and infrastructure to support that standard of living and services, your taxes are simply too low.

No question there's waste in programs and there's corruption within some programs, even if those were all found and cut off, it wouldn't even put a slight dent in your debt. Higher taxes along with watchdog cutbacks are the only thing which will ever make it possible to pay off the debt.

Your choices are simple really... a deep austerity program, where most of the services you're used to disappear, including fire, police, education, roads and bridges, military and on and on and on.... or people pay more taxes in an attempt to maintain any resemblance to the standard of living Americans are used to.

The people with the private jets, who don't want to pay more taxes, aren't going to love their airplanes, when the runways are too pitted and broken to allow for take-off. Just as the guy driving the 10 yr old Ford Focus aren't going to be too happy, when freeways and bridges they use to go work are impassable because they're crumbling.

Everyone wants someone to put in place the austerity measures to cut the debt, with the exception of the cuts that affect them directly. Everyone wants someone else to pay, when, if you actually want your country to be debt free, everyone is going to have to pay more.

It's very basic math, not any fancy economic theories.

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