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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
It is my understanding-that it says in cruise docks that if a country requires you to get a VISA-it is your responsibility-not the cruiseline-they cannot possibly keep up with what countries requires VISAS from what other countries. As you said, you did to need one but your wife did.

I do hope in the future if you plan to travel out of the country again, you will make sure of this. Just because a US citizen can go into Canada without a VISA, does not mean other countries can. And vise versa-I understand Americans need VISAS to visit Russia-but that does not mean a person from the Eukraine Or Poland would need a VISA to visit Russia.
If the cruise line knows to turn you back at the dock for not having a right visa - I am pretty sure they can make an effort to know the same details when the customer is booking the ticket. Dont you think that is logical???
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